Ladders are the Doom of clutzy people everywhere!

No it isn’t what your probably thinking, No i didn’t fall off a ladder. Fat chance of that since the only time i’ve been on one I froze at the top and freaked out over being up high in the air(Can ya tell I’m not found of heights?).

But yes short version a friend and I were helping a new friend move cinder blocks and much and I tripped over it and cut/ bruised the hell out of it.

Does slightly limpy happy dance, but yays at least I got a workout in cause I’ve been kinda slouching to much in that area.

My arms have that slightly sore feelingĀ  you have when you’veĀ  worked them hard.

So Yes the Karin is happy but sore, Yay me’s!


Beach Trip

This weekend my amazing boyfriend surprised me with an awesome visit to our family and stop at the beach!

Yes there was much squeeing and crying on my part, but hey can you blame me?

So yes my first visit to Florida and the beach was freaking amazing!

I can’t wait to go back so I can play some more in the ocean!



Do you ever just have a day where you’re like why the frilly heck did I get out of the bed?

Yeah its definitely been one of those days, good news though at least I was able to convince myself to go for a walk with Lily.]

Here’s hoping the rest of this week gets betterish.

Squeee…It’s working!

So yes as you can tell I’m excited, because I’ve already lost weight, Cue happy dance here lol.

I’ve been walking almost everyday for at least a mile, I’ve only been drinking water, no sodas for me.

Well today when I woke up I weighted myself and i measured my body and yays its all working.

Right now I’m at 187 and I’ve dropped an inch over my whole body with the exception of my bust and hips, But yes I am so freaking happy!!

So as a reward I am gonna go swimming sometime in the next weekish.