Beach Trip

This weekend my amazing boyfriend surprised me with an awesome visit to our family and stop at the beach!

Yes there was much squeeing and crying on my part, but hey can you blame me?

So yes my first visit to Florida and the beach was freaking amazing!

I can’t wait to go back so I can play some more in the ocean!



My Plan so far…..

Hey there internet land. So for today I figure I can tell you  how I plan to lose the weight, like which programs I’m gonna use and all that good stuff.

So the one thing i have been doing over the last few days is go for a long walk with my dog Lily, lol its a great way to burn off her spastic energy.


Yep that’s her and me, not looking my best but shes a great dog.

So yes that’s one part of my plan now comes the hard parts I’m stuck between 3 kind’s of programs.


Now I love how quickly these peoples bodies change but I’m not sure I want to be that ripped. I’m a curvy girl with great hips, a butt and boobs, and while yes I want to trim and tone them I don’t want to lose em.

2. Turbofire

With Turbofire I have the feeling I would love it, cause shes just as high energy as me.

and lastly

3. Yoga

I like the calmness of yoga plus maybe it can help me become less klutzy.

Now for my doubts about it, While I believe wholeheartedly that it can make you more balanced I’m not so certain about the weight loss aspect of it.

So for  all of you out there on this journey also what do you do, whats helped you the most, and which out the above have helped you?


What Is All This Hype About?

Hey all if your reading this then thanks for stumbling on my little corner of the internet woods.

This blog is mainly something for me, to track my successes and my failures, what works for me and what didn’t.  This is the first time I’ve really been serious about losing weight. I’ve wanted to in the past but it didnt’ seem like it would be that hard and I mean hey I was still in the 100 pound range so everything was ok. Well I got a major wake up call this past weekend when i put on one of my favorite shirts that i hadn’t worn in a while and it was tight, tighter than it ever had been before. So I went and I weighed myself, and to my horror I weighed 200 pounds now for some of you people who are taller it wouldn’t show to much but on my 5 foot 4 frame its kinda obvious.

So I decided that I was gonna lose the weight only problem is i had no idea really so thus the idea for this blog was begun.

Wish me luck on this journey and stay for the ride.